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Commercial Gaskets and Materials


Our rubber gasket materials include silicone, neoprene, Buna-N, and cork. Any of these materials can be configured as needed for all types of applications.

Silicone: perfect when rubber gasket is exposed to static service and hot or cold (extreme) temperatures. Exceptional flex fatigue life. Highly resistant to mold, mildew and various biological threats. Excellent for ozone and UV radiation service.

Neoprene: highly resistant to ozone, UV, oils, common chemicals, as well as hot or cold (extreme) temperatures. Extremely low deterioration rate. Excellent for electrical applications, insulation and cushioning.

Buna-N: high resistance to fuels, including petroleum-based oil; water, alcohols, acids and bases.

Buna-N is not recommended on acids and bases that have a strong oxidizing effect; as well as highly polar solvents such as Acetone. Avoid direct exposure to ozone and sunlight.

Cork: similar to rubber compounds, cork offers compressibility and recovery under low bolting pressures. Offers a natural and maintainable solution for many applications. Cork is extremely lightweight, fire resistant and mold resistant.

You also have the option to choose adhesive vs. non-adhesive backing for whichever rubber gasket material you choose. Select from additional material options such as solid/sponge, extruded, and foam.

Material recommendations and details
Material Available Sizes
Silicone Solid/Sponge Sheets- 36″ x 36″
Continuous- 36″ Wide x up to 30 ft.
Extruded Custom or Standard Shapes
Neoprene Solid/Sponge Sheets- 42″ x 70″
Rolls- 42″ x 50″
Extruded Custom or Standard Shapes
Buna-N Solid/Sponge Sheets- 40″ x 70″
Foam: Specify Density Sheets- 38″ x 54″
Cork Solid Sheets- 36″ x 36″

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