Air Ventilation Panels


Honeycomb air filters are primarily for shielding Electromagnetic Interference on electronic equipment. Vent panels can be made of Aluminum, Steel, or Brass ranging in thickness from .250″, .500″ or 1.00″ with a cell width of .062″ (Aluminum only), .125″, .188″ and .250″.

For ease of installation, the honeycomb can be supplied in a “C” channel frame with standard .204″ diameter holes, or 8/32 threaded inserts. To insure a proper EMI seal, all air filters are available with a knitted wire mesh gasket bonded to an elastomer for an adequate environmental seal.

Aluminum Honeycomb MIL-C-7438 / 5052
Aluminum Frame 6063-T1 / QQ-A-200
Steel Honeycomb SEA 1010
Brass Honeycomb ALLOY 260
SnCuFe Mesh Gasket ASTM B-520
Monel Mesh Gasket QQ-N-281
Neoprene Sponge MIL-R-6130 Type II, Grade A, Condition Medium
Silicone Sponge AMS-3195
Threaded Insert 8-32 UNC-3B
Chromate Finish MIL-C-5541, Class 1A
Tin Finish MIL-T-107272 Type 1

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